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What We Do

We match the need expressed by countries emerging from conflict with the supply of services available from governments, inter-government and non-government organisation in the following areas:
Safety and Security
Core Government Functionality
Economic Revitalization
Inclusive Political Process

Why These Areas

Countries affected by conflict and crisis face critical shortage of capacities or needs to transform institutions and secure sustainable peace. These five areas are being prioritized to address existing critical capacity gaps while responding to the steady increase in demand for these particular areas of expertise. CAPMATCH is based on an equal partnership between countries – governments and civil society may both request expertise or exchange of experience as well as offer to provide it.

Disclaimer Statement

This platform is not intended as a tool or vehicle for recruitment or procurement related activities, nor is it an offering for any contractors or individuals interested in staff positions in any of the sponsor organization depicted herein. The United Nations reserves the right to remove any posting containing inappropriate language or content. It is the responsibility of the Requester to evaluate and verify the veracity and quality of services offered by the providers. The platform does not charge a fee at any stage of the registration and posting process. The platform does not concern itself with information on bank accounts. Any requests for such payment or information should be refused and reported to the United Nations for its information.

This area includes the following clusters: Community violence reduction, Disarmament and Demobilization, Mine Action, Police, Protection of Civilians, Security Sector Reform and Transnational Crime and Counter-Terrorism
This area includes the following clusters: Corrections, Criminal Justice, Judicial and Legal reforms, Transnational Justice
This area includes the following clusters: Aid Policy Coordination, Anti-Corruption, Local Governance, Public Administrative Reform, Public Financial Management, Urban Planning
This area includes the following clusters: Employment Generation, Natural Resource Management, Private Sector and Industrial Development, Public Works and Infrastructure.
This area includes the following clusters: Constitutional Processes, Elections, Mediation and Conflict Resolution, Support to Civil Society, Political Party Development and Public Information.

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